We are speaking about wood salvaged from antique buildings and furniture, found in far away and long forgotten corners. Beams, doors, wooden structures from a world that is gone forever.


Nature Design draws essential elements from centuries-old rural architecture, to which it then gives new life through designs intended to recover and respect every single natural element, using the complicated craftsmanship of a land which has made carpentry of famous excellence suitable for every corner of a dwelling.

We’re in the heart of the furniture district.

What gives life to Nature Design is the third generation of artisans who gave form and life to the elaborate, stylish furniture, children of another era. Now everything is changed. Taste, the concept of living, and consequently, furnishing spaces with functionality and new dimensions. Nevertheless, a common denominator continues to exist. Wood, with its pleasantness and extraordinary capacity to transform itself. In the hands of someone who knows how to shape it, naturally.

The raw material, respect for the environment.

Here, from the idea of revitalising the wood, begins, or better, restarts a story that, one element after another, brings back to newly designed homes the value of wood. Recovered, reassembled wood is for Nature Design a raw and unique material in all senses: time has enriched its natural patina, layered day after day by atmospheric conditions. Each surface has its own “skin”, upon which the artisans intervene in different ways, depending on the signs that time has left on it. Each decor accessory becomes special because it is created from unique pieces, shaped by the care and the passion of our artisans.


Passion and craftsmanship.

Knowledgable and attentive hands, not machines, that level boards well-worn by time. Every centimetre is cared for. 

Every wooden board undergoes a process of cleaning and restoration. In order to give it better stability and resistance, each board is sectioned, glued to a supporting plank and then assembled. It may seem like a labor-intensive process, but it’s just the beginning. Now the most interesting and compelling chapter begins: the raw material, ennobled first by time, is about to become a unique and unrepeatable design element.


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